7 Advantages of Living A Sexless Life

As many of you know, I shipped off my vagina to The Museum of Science. It seemed like the right decision for many reasons, and it was! I don’t have to deal with a monthly period, and I don’t cry in bed alone at night anymore.

Before my vagina made the move, she wasn’t getting any attention. She was rarely seen by me, or anyone for that matter. I had the chance to have sex, but rarely did. When you’re career focused and love sleeping, this is very typical behavior. As The Retired Lesbian, I feel there are positives to not getting any action.

Let’s take a look at 5 advantages of living a sexless life:

7. You Don’t Fall Asleep at Work

                                                     Source: BuzzFeed

6. No More $100 Wax Sessions

                                                     Source: BuzzFeed

5. You Don’t Have to Worry About A Surprise Pregnancy

                                                           Source: PopSugar


                                                     Source: BuzzFeed

3. You Have the Energy for Early Morning Hikes with Your Pup

                          Source: Vanity Fair

2. You Have More Time for Your Hobbies

                                     Source: Tumblr

1. Now, There’s No Risk of Your Parents Catching You in the Act

                                     Source: Tumblr