Tinder Chronicles: I’m Just A Girl Looking for A Lesbian

It’s getting really bad, folks, and I’m not joking. The last time I encountered an actual lesbian on Tinder was last year. Now, that wouldn’t be concerning if I didn’t use the dating app frequently, but I do. At this point, whenever I match with a woman, I assume she isn’t gay.

When I first started using dating apps around 6 years ago, I never had this issue. It was easy for me to find lesbians because you had to actually fill out a profile and give details about yourself. There was no swiping left or right at that time.

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Just to let y’all know how bad it is, let’s go over the last 3 conversations I had on Tinder.

Tinder Conversation #1

Me: “Hey there. How is your day, Cassandra?”

Cassandra: “Hi hun. Happy its Friday and you?”

Me: “I hate to be rude, but I find myself needing to ask this question on here: Are you gay, straight, bisexual, pansexual, etc.?”

Cassandra: “Lol. I was going to warn you pretty soon that I don’t identify as a lesbian. But I guess if I had to choose I am bisexual. The warning only because you put it in your profile.


Tinder Conversation #2

Stacy: “Hey. How long have you lived in Hollywood?”

Me: “Years. I eventually want to get a place in Studio City but, yeah, I’m not rich.”

Stacy: “Haha. Yeah LA is expensive.”

Me: “Hey so I mean no offense when I ask: Are you heterosexual, gay, or bisexual?”

Stacy: “Truly bi. No offense taken.”


Tinder Conversation #3

Tanya: “Hiiii honey, how are you?”

Me: “I’m good. How are you?”

Tanya: “I am good. Hunting for my new chick on Tinder.”

Me: “Hope you find her! Why only 1 picture? Usually spam accounts only have one.”

Tanya: “I don’t wanna show myself to all.”

Me: “Okay. So are you gay or straight?”

Tanya: “I am bisexual.”


These conversations are all real, and wildly frustrating. Look, I don’t mind if a woman identifies as bisexual, heterosexual, etc. What annoys me are two things: I clearly state in my profile I’m only looking for a lesbian yet I constantly get contacted by non-lesbians, and these dating apps don’t provide enough filters to accurately match people with decent dating prospects.

I’m just a girl looking for another lesbian on Tinder. Have any tips? Write them in the comments section!

-The Retired Lesbian