The Top 5 Dating Apps For Lesbians

If you’re a single lesbian, have no fear! Whether you’re looking for a long-term relationship, threesome, quick fling, or new friends in your neighborhood, there are MANY options out there for you.

Dating Apps Can Help Lesbians Find Love

Dating apps aren’t perfect, but they do provide access to women you’d otherwise never meet. If you’re persistent, honest, and pay attention to the details, you will definitely land a date. Although I am now a retired lesbian, I used to be on ALL the dating apps every day.

As a general note, it’s very important to make sure you know the signs of a fake account, scammer, or bot. They are on every single dating app, and you have to know the warning signs. I’ll go into that a little later.

If you’re looking for love this year, check out these 5 dating apps for lesbians:

5. Tinder Tinder is a dating app that can help lesbians find love

As a lesbian who has used dating apps for years, Tinder is probably the most frustrating because most of the women fail to respond. 0 women responded to the the last 10 messages I sent. I do think the fact that Tinder allows inactive profiles to show up in search results is a major issue. You simply have no idea if the woman you matched with is still using the app. I was able to verify this when I saw a friend of mine on Tinder who had been dating her girlfriend for half a year. Turns out, my friend hadn’t been on the app in months, and simply forgot to delete her account.

However, everyone knows Tinder and uses it (or has used it in the past). And, only having to swipe left or right to match with a woman makes it super easy to use. If you have 15 minutes to spare, you can easily go through 100+ profiles. However, I would suggest that you take your time because you can’t undo a swipe if you’re using Tinder; you would have to upgrade your account.


  • Women Don’t Frequently Respond: Maybe she accidentally swiped right, has other options, started dating someone new, hasn’t used the app for a while, or simply doesn’t want to talk to you.

  • Superficial: In order to indicate interest, you’re mainly looking at a woman’s photos and then swiping left or right. Most people don’t add much to their profile, except for a few words and some emojis (if that). This makes the experience feel shallow.

  • Lack of Preferred Gender Pronouns: It’s 2018, peeps. Gone are the days of simply checking the “male” or “female” box on a dating app. Tinder needs to step up its game. Note: Tinder did improve on this last year by adding trans-inclusive gender options, but I’d love to see them add even more.

  • Rarely Meet A Lesbian: From my experience, most women I speak with do not identify as a lesbian on Tinder. For me, I want to date another lesbian.

  • Pricing System is Confusing: You can either use the free option (Tinder), Tinder Plus, or Tinder Gold. When I went on the app and looked at the differences, I felt confused at first. Make sure you pay attention and read everything.


  • Make New Friends: You’re guaranteed to make new friends on this dating app if you’re open to it.

  • Must Have A Registered Facebook Account: Some may view this as a negative, but I like seeing how many friends I have in common with a lady. It not only makes me know the person is real (more than likely), but also shows me how connected she is to the lesbian community. I have over 250+ lesbian friends on Facebook, and really like when I see that we have 10+ or more of them in common.

  • Easy to Use: All you have to do is swipe left or right. And, sometimes you’ll need to scroll up and down as well.

  • You Control Communication: Only a woman you’ve “liked” can contact you.

  • Paid Versions Have Perks: I don’t typically pay for dating apps, but Tinder Plus and Tinder Gold make a compelling case. With both paid account options you can swipe around the world, get unlimited rewinds, control who sees you, turn off ads, and much more. Sometimes being in front of the line really matters, which is why I tell my friends to consider upgrading their account.

  • Lots of Cute Ladies: Tinder has a massive user base. Every lady may not respond or actually be a lesbian, but there are a ton of cute women on Tinder.

  • Perfect If You’re Look For A Threesome: I ain’t into it but if you’re looking for a third, Tinder is the dating app for you.

  • Super Like: This is the kind of skipping to the front of the line I love. Using a Super Like allows a user to know you REALLY like her. And, it’s available to everyone (with limitations in the amount you get depending on your membership level). 

Access & Cost: Android, iOS, and desktop. Tinder is free to everyone. Tinder Plus and Tinder Gold vary in price depending on your age and location. Expect to pay $8.33-$19.99 a month for Tinder Plus, and an additional $4.99 a month for Tinder Gold. In developing countries, the cost is typically much less for both tiers. 

4. Hinge

Hinge helps lesbians find a good match based on personality and more

I had high hopes for Hinge when I started using it. While Tinder is all about swiping, Hinge is the opposite of that. Instead, your personality is really able to shine with its unique prompts and friendly interface. If you’re looking for a relationship, this is one of the apps to use.

When you land on a user’s profile, you immediately see a profile image and find out something unique such as what they would eat for their last meal. It’s different, and something super unique to the dating app. If you aren’t interested in the person, you simply click the “X” at the bottom of the screen and continue looking. A user can only make contact after you make a comment, or “like” something on their profile.


  • Lack of Preferred Gender Pronouns: You can only select man or woman, but you can at least hide this information if you prefer that.

  • Lots of Bugs: Even when I have pressed “X” on a woman, there have been times I still see her pop up again. Users have also complained about “Shared Friends” being inaccurate, and having a hard time uploading photos. Also, there are inconsistencies in the notification system. To be fair, Hinge is working on making improvements.

  • Need More Users: I don’t have as many options on Hinge compared to other dating apps.

  • Inactive Users: Many women I started talking to disappeared into the sunset never to be found again.

  • Women Could Be Cuter: There are cuter women on OKCupid and Tinder (although this is subjective).


  • No Swiping: This is so refreshing, and makes the experience seem more real.

  • Women Seem Real: I haven’t had much luck with finding a good match on this app, but people I know have gone on great dates. And, I definitely feel like the women that respond to me are real, which is rare these days.

  • Sophisticated Design: You can tell someone put some thought into the layout and design.

  • Can Add Video to Profile: It really adds authenticity to a woman’s profile when I see an adorable video of her playing with a cat, or dancing in her crib.

  • Must Have A Registered Facebook Account: Y’all know how I feel about this.

  • Inactive Matches Are Hidden After 14 Days: I love a decluttered inbox.

  • I Never See A Dude: This is something I’ve only experienced on Hinge. Love this.

Access & Cost: Android and iOS. You can choose between a free membership, or a Preferred Membership. Subscriptions options: 1 month $12.99/month, 3 months $6.99/month, and 6 months $4.99/month.

3. Match is all about personality and a good option for lesbians is a good option for those who are open to paying for a membership. Otherwise, it’s a complete waste of time. So, why do I have it above Hinge and Tinder? Exactly for that reason. If members pay, they are serious. Also, you can easily find discounted membership rates where as other apps don’t offer special promotions. And, if they do, it’s rare. For example, I once spent $33.59 for a 6 month membership.


  • Lots of Fake Accounts: How do I know? Profiles with only 1 photo (typically a headshot), lots of typos, and only a few sentences or words under the summary section.

  • Numerous Inactive Users: There are way too many inactive users on, but at least you’re able to see how long it has been since they were last active.

  • Top Spot Packs Are Expensive: For a pack of 10 priced at $2.00 each ($19.99 total), you can push your profile to the top of search results. I think paying members should get a few of these for free. Also, $2.99 for only 1 is very expensive. Plus, if you don’t use them 90 days after purchase, they expire.

  • Lack of Preferred Gender Pronouns: Would love to see improve on this since it has been around so long.

  • Selection is Small: The amount of ladies on isn’t as high as other dating apps. No bueno.

  • Search Results Need to Be Improved: Sometimes, I click on a woman who makes it clear she’s only open to dating someone of the same race in her profile. I would prefer if she didn’t show up at all in my search results if we aren’t compatible. You can click “mutual match” but I don’t think you should always have to do that.


  • SO Many Promotions: You can find some great deals on memberships if you look in the right places. Typically, I Google coupon codes and always find something. Keep in mind, you can’t repeat a promotion once you’ve used it. So, if you already used the 30 day free trial promo, won’t let you use it again.

  • Can Sign Up with Email or Facebook Account: For those of you who only want to use your email address to sign up, is a great option.

  • Women Are Serious: When I am chatting with a woman, I feel like they’re looking for something serious.

  • Can Use A Match Coach: A Match Coach (not a real person) will assign daily activities to you such as “liking” 15 people, or starting a conversation with 5 women. I think this is a great feature, and it’s free with your membership

  • Hire A Profile Pro: For $39.99, you can hire someone to write your profile. This is good for people who aren’t good writers or simply hate it.

  • Easy to Use on Phone/Desktop: Easy and consistent.

  • Match Stories: These are free and are basically like Instagram Stories. You can add a video or image along with your voice, and then you post it for the world to see.

  • People Can “Like” Photos: This really takes the pressure off. You can “like” a photo without feeling obligated to message a woman. And, if she’s into you, 9 times out of 10 she’ll reach out.

Access & Cost: Android, iOS, and desktop. Cost varies since you can often find promotions such as over 70% off any 3, 6, or 12 month subscription. A premium membership will generally cost you $20.99-$39.99 depending on the type you want (after the free trial ends). 

2. HER

HER is a dating app for lesbians, bisexuals and others in the LGBTQ+ community

HER is a dating app specifically for the lesbian, bisexual, and queer community.

When I was open to dating bisexual and heterosexual identifying women, HER was the perfect app to use. “We’re building this for all of us” is exactly the vibe you get while you’re using it. HER is definitely the most LGBTQ-Inclusive dating app out there, which is why I think it’s absolutely fabulous (for the most part).


  • Bots & Fake Accounts: I’ve had my share of bots on this app. I really wish they’d do something to solve this problem. How can you tell? Just ask them a very specific question that requires a very specific answer, such as: “What’s a typical day like for you?” Since there are fake account on every dating app, you must practice caution and never send money to anyone.

  • Too Many Bugs: I have frequent issues accessing this app when I am not using my WiFi at home, and also noticed the filters don’t always work. Also, if you read reviews about this app, many people have problems logging in after downloading it to their phone.

  • Confusing to Use: It took me a while to figure out how to upload photos and rearrange them. I also had a tough time figuring out how to change things in my profile such as my gender and sexual orientation. 

  • Free Version is Very Limited: You can’t use all of the filters in the free version, and this is a very big deal for me. I want to be able to search for only single lesbians, and I can’t do that unless I pay. You also can’t go back to a profile if you accidentally swiped left. And, you aren’t able to see everyone that has “liked” you.

  • Users Tend to be Young: I find the selection of women over the age of 30 to be very small. Most of the women I see are between 18-25 years of age.


  • The HER Feed: This is one of my favorite things about the app. The HER feed is a great way to learn about what’s going on in the community, meet new people, read LGBTQ+ news, make love connections, and just vent if you need someone to hear you.

  • Preferred Gender Pronouns: A+ on this!

  • Diverse Options: There are a lot of cuties on this app ranging from butch, femme, and all that’s in between. I also like that there are so many cultures and races on HER.

  • Events: You can submit your own events and also find ones near you that other people have added. This is one of the dating app’s best features.

Access & Cost: Android and iOS. HER has multiple subscription options starting as low as $9.99 per month.

1. OKCupid

OkCupid is a personality focused dating app

In my opinion, OkCupid is the best dating app for lesbians. You’re able to see exactly how you match up with another user based on a beneficial personality assessment. Answering as many questions as you can is very useful and greatly improves your chances of finding a good love match. Yes, I know many people are upset now that OKCupid is making you use your real name, but no app is perfect.

Oh, and did I mention you have access to most of the features using a FREE account? After you complete the quick and easy sign up process, you’re able to immediately send messages to women. When you use the free account you can’t see who likes you, or if someone read your message but I don’t think those things are super important. The main thing that matters is being able to communicate with a woman, which you can with a free account.


  • Fake Accounts, Scammers, and Bots: This has always been an issue for me since I started using OKCupid years ago. I once chatted with a woman who had a full profile with numerous photos, and even carried on a good conversation. Ultimately, it was all a lie and I reported the account (as I have done before). The good news is OKCupid will ban users quickly.

  • Can’t See Who Viewed You: This used to be free, but not anymore. I like being able to see who viewed me, but I also like having someone send a message to me.

  • Matching System Needs Work: Some users have complained about answering hundreds of questions only to have women that were given a 90 or higher compatibility percentage not end up being a good match. I have also gone on a date with a woman who said she wanted a monogamous relationship in her profile only to find out in person the opposite was true.

  • Notifications Are Annoying: I would suggest turning these off.

  • Need More Options: I have been using this app for years and have this complaint consistently. Depending on where you live, you may or may not have this problem.

  • Poor Customer Service: I’ve tried to contact customer service many times, and rarely get a response. However, this may not be a factor for many users.


  • Great Standard Account Features: With the free account, you can basically do everything you need to secure a date: send a message, like a profile, comment on a photo, and much more. Many dating apps don’t offer as many features with a free account.

  • Profile Questions: I can’t tell you how much time this has saved for me. When I see an answer to something I know is a dealbreaker for me, I don’t bother reaching out.

  • User-friendly Layout: It’s easy to use this app, read a user’s profile, and find the information you need. I also like how fun it is to communicate with a woman. You can make a comment on part of someone’s profile, or even a photo.

  • Unique Features: You can view flavors of potential matches such as World Traveler or Kinky Nerd, take fun quizzes, and find cute ladies based on shared interests using the Discover feature.

  • Preferred Gender Pronouns: A+ on this!

  • Search Functions are Excellent: After you select your filters, OKCupid gives you a selection of women based on your preferences, questionnaire responses, hobbies, and your Top Matches. It’s very easy to swipe left or right through the profiles, or simply scroll down.

Access & Cost: Android, iOS, and desktop. A standard account is free to use. Here’s the cost for paid subscriptions:

*A-List Basic: 6 months $4.99/month, 3 months $7.49/month, and 1 month $9.99/month. Sometimes, you can find a promotion such as 20% off. Features include: no ads, see who likes you, fine tune your matches, see if your message was read, and more message storage. 

*A-List Premium: 6 months $19.99/month, 3 months $23.33/month, and 1 month $24.99/month. Typically, you won’t see this membership at a discounted rate. 

Key Takeaways

  • No Dating App is Perfect: All of them will have pros and cons. All of them have some bad apples such as scammers, fake accounts, and rude people. Be cautious and pay attention to your gut. 

  • Skip These Dating Apps: Bumble didn’t make the cut because 98% of the women are NOT lesbians; the app is really catered to heterosexual individuals (although you could still find love). I’m not a fan of Compatible Partners because the personality evaluation is VERY long, it’s confusing to use, and there aren’t many women on it. I also stopped using Plenty of Fish because there were a lot of weirdos on it AND the app has a strange design. Lesly makes you pay for everything, even to see more than 1 photo. I had this app, and deleted it within a few days. 

  • Privacy: This concern will never go away. When you choose to use a dating app, there is always a risk that someone will access your data. Accept it and move on, or don’t and skip using the apps.

  • Dating is Personal: OKCupid is #1 in my book, but maybe it isn’t for you. The important thing is determining what you need in a dating app. If it’s being able to view photos and quickly match with a woman regardless of her sexual orientation, Tinder may work for you the best. If you want to date someone young and also find cool events in your area, HER is a perfect match. There is no right or wrong answer.

Have fun, be safe, and DO YOU!